The Next Step after Rescue

In most cases a new dog will be evaluated by one of our qualified foster parents – for a few days to a few weeks. Our foster parents are usually experienced dog owners with both time and home environments to welcome a new dog into the Hope Highway experience.

  • Is the dog comfortable with people – adults & kids
  • Does it play well with other dogs and cats
  • House Broken
  • Leash Adapted
  • Health Checkup including spay or neuter as needed.

If you love dogs – consider joining our growing team of Fosters. You’ll be spreading life and love to both dogs in need and individuals and families who adopt them. Hope Highway requires an application and an interview with prospective Fosters.

Fostering for The Hope Highway is a great opportunity to help dogs in need! While fostering for us we will provide everything your foster pup will need, there is not cost to you. All we ask is that you love them, train them, and show them the best life until they find their forever family!